by Nubess Stories on April 24, 2020

At Nubess, our primary concern is the health of your scalp and hair. After all healthy hair is gorgeous flowing locks shining with vitality. But we also understand it's difficult to maintain healthy habits in our daily styling and maintenance routine. Changes in temperature, humidity, stress, and heat styling can really take their toll on our hair, so it's important to look after it by choosing the right products!

Organic over chemical or synthetic based hair products is a great place to start, and with the use of plant-based natural products, you'll find plenty of choices to protect your hair and set you on your way to luscious locks in no time!

Why it's important to not just clean your hair?

Well other than making you feel uncomfortable, dirt, grime, oil, the environmental residue can build up on hair strands making them dull, lifeless, limp, and block scalp pores which not only weakens hair roots but also leads to problems like dandruff, hair loss. We are all pressed for time and do not take care of ourselves and are at loss for following the right hair care regime.

So, find our top hair damaging habits that are slowly giving you bad hair days and how to establish a healthy hair regime. That will let you rock your hair from morning to night!

Is your hair water fatigued?

Water can actually damage your hair, when the hair gets wet, it gets waterlogged and the fibers expand, swell leading to stretching and breakage. The longer the hair is wet more swelling and damage. When the water evaporates, they contract again. All of this washing routine can be tough on the hair cuticle and can damage the hair structure, you see with time hair gets frizzier, dull, coarser and with split ends. This occurrence, known as hygral fatigue, shows itself with coarseness, breakage, and split ends. But we start using heavy conditioners, leave-on masks which restores shine temporarily but doesn't repair the damage.

To combat water damage pre-wash oiling can make your hair hydrophobic which protects the hair cuticle and cortex within the hair and quick-drying, so hair is wet only for a short period of time.

Applying your hair with a layer of oil prewash keeps it nourished and moisturized, preventing the swelling of hair cuticles

As you massage your scalp, a small portion is able to bind to the protein of the hair shaft so fewer water molecules can bind to it

Oil is hydrophobic it inhibits the penetration of water, considerably less trauma to hair as it contracts to dry

Oiling helps to prevent breakage – the massage strengthens the roots while oiling the hair shafts keeps them from becoming brittle

Nubess Red Onion oil is brimming with more than 21 cold-pressed oils and powerful plant botanicals that start to work on your hair shaft within few minutes of application, Especially it's enriched with virgin coconut oil that binds the fatty acids to the protein bonds of your hair and makes it hydrophobic and prevents water damage. Try for a quick pre-wash treatment with onion oil at least for 30 minutes as your hair wash regime and you will definitely see benefits within a few weeks. 

Are you liberal with thermal heat tools?

Any exposure to thermal hair tools if misused, overused can cause great damage to your tresses. Heat damage can cause roughness, dryness, brittleness, over time leading to frayed, porous, singed lifeless hair. Hairdryer should be used on low to medium heat and at least a minimum of 15 inches away from your hair with a good heat protectant and just semi blast hair to dry and stop it.

As hair is mainly made of proteins adding them to your diet and in topical hair treatments can add strength to your hair, it will repair broken hair bonds and seal split ends but severely damaged hair needs to be cut entirely, in order for it to grow back healthy and strong.

Why do you need to break up with chemicals in your products?

Hair products are often filled with toxic or synthetic chemicals that are not only bad for your hair but also for the environment. These products give you short term results but in the long run, cause more harm than good.

When it comes to hair care less is more. There are so many natural clean hair products in the market that can help to maintain healthy hair. They may not lather too much like the chemical counterparts but they nevertheless clean your hair without causing irritation and dryness.

Is your hair color to blame?

Permanent hair color which requires alkaline solutions to the process can damage your hair irreversibly. While semi-permanent color is less damaging they are still anything from being harmless. Harsh chemicals make your hair shaft porous and can expose your cortex, which if broken leads to extreme damage.

To help counteract these adverse effects, it's advisable to hydrate your hair and use hair repair products like deep conditioning mask or leave-on mask.

Are you over-brushing your hair?

Over-brushing your hair can cause split ends and breakage, as it's constant friction on hair that cracks the cuticle. Plastic combs and hard bristle brush cause more snags and tangles in the hair and can be harsh or irritant on the scalp leading to split ends and hair breakage.

Ditch the myth-100 strokes a day makes hair shiny and full and switch over to eco-friendly comb with wide bristles that detangles hair.

Nubess Eco natural comb is handmade from the best of Neem (Azadirachta Indica) wood which has natural healing and medicinal properties that prevent dandruff and hair loss.

 If you oil your hair, neem comb will evenly distribute oil in roots without hair breakage.

 It flattens the hair cuticle and prevents hair snapping and breakage.

Is your Hair Sun-damaged due to a lack of protection?

"UV rays can alter and damage the fiber of your hair," Harsh sun rays create free radicals, which can weaken your strands, sap moisture, shine and lighten hair color.

To help prevent damage either protect with a leave-in conditioner that shields and protects from UV rays and minimizes free radicals damage or cover it with a scarf when outdoors.