by Nubess Stories on April 22, 2020

We live in a busy world, our pace of life is frantic, When did you last take any time to do nothing.? Just 10 minutes undisturbed, simply being there in the present moment without being distracted by constant mind chatter. Our wandering mind is a direct code of unhappiness, yet we are unable to be mindful of our thoughts or emotions. We have different ways of coping with stress, Some of us bury ourselves in work or binge on junk food for momentarily pleasures, we take therapy, medication or get addicted to substances that can help us forget the overwhelmed emotions or challenges temporarily.

Emotional stability in an individual is based on how resilient or stable are we to life challenges without getting knocked down to the ground. Our mind is our most precious resource experiencing every single moment of our life, yet we don't take out any time to look after it.

 In this present time, there is a lot of uncertainty in the world. If you’re feeling fearful, anxious,  overwhelmed, or stressed by it all, be reassured that you’re not alone, and this is a very normal emotional response. It's important at this time to remain positive and calm in the face of negativity and fear, focus on your health and family. Take a much-needed break from the daily rut and use some me time to implement self-care regime.

What is Self Care?

The act of caring for oneself contributes to the maintenance of physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing, and personal health. Self-care isn't one size that fits all. Your self-care needs to be customized as per your likes and needs of what makes you happy.

A list of a few simple self-care activities that can be easily carried out at home to calm you to take care of yourself and your health.

Nourish your Body Mind Skin

Gratitude :

To begin with, an attitude of gratitude can be a nurturing self-care practice. How the lockdown is giving us some respite from our busy schedules. We were so busy working for a living that we forgot to savor the small joys of life. If you can maintain a gratitude journal and write at least 10 things daily that you are grateful for 1st thing in the morning or last thing when you retire for bed. Research shows that this practice can reshape the brain and bring you more of what you are grateful for by enhancing optimism, reducing anxiety, and lesser physical ailments.

Mindfulness :

 It is a practice of a greater understanding of being in present intentionally and being nonjudgemental of your thoughts. You use this practice to center yourself, anchor your awareness in the present moment without worrying about your future, or being angry or hurt for past events. Mindfulness can boost physical health (physiological function, immune system, lower chronic pain) psychological health (reduce stress, anxiety, depression)

Mindfulness has beneficial aspects as it teaches you to slow down and breathe.

Breathing :

Many of us breathe inefficiently through our mouths, taking shallow breaths through our chest rather than our diaphragm. If you start to do slow deep diaphragm breathing correctly it can lower stress, improve circulation, and benefit our cardiovascular system.  

Meditation :

Represents a conscious mental training framework for cultivating a state of calm awareness in your daily life. A quiet even 10 minutes within the forgotten sanctuary to experience inner peace, calm and quiet that can improve the quality of your wellbeing and restore wellness.


How often we read for pleasure? Reading a book can be a wonderful escape from the stress of everyday life. Simply by opening a book, you allow yourself to relax, it can lower your heart rate and ease the tensions in your tight muscles.

Foot massage :

 Integrated as a daycare routine. This practice can relax your muscles, help you to unwind, relieve the build-up of negative emotions, induce better sleep, lower anxiety, and support an overall sense of wellbeing.  If you can combine massage with aromatherapy using relaxing essential oils it can therapeutically calm frayed nerves and soothe your senses too.

Music :

The science of music can heal you as it is an integral part of our physical and emotional wellbeing. Music connects with the automatic nervous system (brain function, blood pressure, and heartbeat) and the limbic system (feelings and emotions) Listening to slow or calming music on a regular basis can help your body relax which means better sleep quality and more positive mood.

Structured Water :  

Energize water by saying an affirmation, chant, or giving it love can change the structural nature of water crystals in the fluid, providing positive vibrations. As our bodies are made of 70% water, Drinking charged water can start restoring energy levels in your body and can be a start to keep you in an upbeat positive mood.

Feed your skin: 

Get your skincare routine down pat. Learn the right way to apply your products. Treat yourself to a face mask and if you’ve got extra time try an at-home facial.

NUBESS Holistic is focussed on enhancing overall wellness through our five elements. We encourage our customers to look after themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually because we believe the optimum health of our mind, body, and skin are all inter-connected.

Our philosophy is to; Feed your MIND with positive afformations and self-love; Feed your BODY with the superfoods it needs to function at its best and Feed your SKIN with organic products to help detoxify, rejuvenate, nourish and revitalize.

For personalized consultation check our services for the Five Element Wellness for improving health and wellbeing.