Is Crystal-Infused skin-care worth all the Hype?

by Nubess Stories on August 03, 2020

Everything in Gaia is made up of energy frequencies of different vibrations, including you!

 Cultures across the planet have studied the energy centers and the potential of energetic healing for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations were attracted to the aesthetic and beauty of crystals and minerals as they held belief that it possessed naturopathic healing and protection powers. Chinese and Egyptians have used gemstone in skincare since the dawn of recorded history.

 Crystal and gems therapy is based on the entrainment principle, a concept embraced by virtually every life science. They emanate high vibration energy that synchronizes to raise the lower energy of other particles which can support wellness and healing on a holistic level. Science has proven that crystals act as electro-stimulants for your skin and hold unique, holistic healing properties that can restore and resonate with a different aspect of your body, mind, and soul. Every crystal has a color and characteristics which have a deep correlation in its essence of healing.

 Skin is the biggest barometer of our state of mind. Whenever we are angry, fearful, stressed, or feeling negative emotions, We store these emotions in our face that disrupts the energy harmony of our body which can break out as acne, flare up like rosacea, impacting our cellular activity. Stress hormone like cortisol breaks down collagen and shortens the length of telomeres which causes early signs of aging and cellular damage.

 Infusing skincare with crystals also has a metaphysical reason if you believe in the power of stones. Using them in skincare formulas makes minerals in crystal function as semi-conductors for your skin! This is essential to increasing cellular productivity, performance, repair, and dermal penetration inside the skin layers while leveraging the effects of any other ingredients.



After spending many years working with industry experts and studying the benefits of the crystals for skin and hair, we've created a collection of luxurious products that are infused with the energetic minerals and crystals with plant extracts that offer the greatest benefit to each skin concern. Just like yoga and meditation, using healing crystals in aspects of your life, particularly in your skincare regime encourage lymph drainage, can eliminate negative vibes and bring balance to your energy centers (chakras) and harmony to the physical and spiritual elements of your body, mind, soul and overall wellbeing. They help us to accept ourselves and become whole.

 How these effects work:

 Meridians: They form a great energy circulatory channels. When crystals infused products are applied on meridians on face, neck, head, fingers they clear negative ions from the skin, release muscular tension, absorb heat, improve lymphatic drainage, Lessen lines, and wrinkles.

 Nerves: Are conduits of energy pathways sending sensory perception to the brain. Stress has a deteriorating effect on this regulatory function, whereas positive energy vibration improves the body-mind connection.

 Blood: It's not only for the transportation of substances and cells around the body but also vital information and crystals enhance that function and helps in improving cellular activity.

 Lymphatic system: Carries the body's tissue fluid, toxins, and waste. Pollutions, chemicals in food, water, from chemical-based skincare, negative emotions get into our lymph and become dense energies that slowly clogs down and gradually stagnates the flow. Crystals detoxify and drain out toxins more effectively clearing and cleansing your system.

We start with ionized, reverse osmosis beauty water. This water has the perfect pH levels for your skin. The elevated frequency emitted from gemstones and precious minerals increases energy, improves micro-circulation that helps direct energy to specific areas of need, constantly adapting to your skin under any condition, allowing for skin detox and maximum performance and benefits.


Skin benefits of crystalline power of minerals:


Topical application of crystal-infused skincare dissipates blockages from a particular localized area directing the healing resonance to skin naturally healing low vibration areas.

 They connect with our emotional body and helps us balance inside out not only with characteristics of colors but also their constituent elements that heal our physical bodies.

 Feeds your skin with nutrients it needs in order to heal itself, They deliver mineral properties to your skin similar to a soak in healing powers of mineral springs.

 They boost the cosmeceutical properties of each plant actives increasing the healing potential attribute for your skin. We use color-coded gemstone in the hue of botanicals to create vibrational synchronicity.

 Their high vibrational properties promote recuperation and accelerate skin regeneration and as skin is porous these minerals are absorbed in your bloodstream balancing and healing your energy as well as the physical body.

 It boosts the skin's natural healing as it makes skin brighter and helps to provide intense lifting and tightening giving it a tighter youthful look.

 They supercharge the skincare products to deliver therapeutic effects for the body and can restore tone, texture, and brighten complexions by refracting light.

 Combat skin distressing from digital electromagnetic radiation that can cause premature aging.

 They gently exfoliate and enhance the super hydrating powers that soften your skin and make your skin luminous with a healthy glow.

 The healing aspect of crystals is amplified as it optimizes the penetration of botanicals deep dermal in skin promoting faster repair, regeneration of cells, intense hydration, skin tightening, and luminous glow.

 They stimulate blood flow circulation, cell growth, and repair, restoring elasticity and slowing down the depletion of collagen.

 Some of the crystals stimulate and invigorate while others bring calm and balance, promotes energy flow, relaxation, wellbeing, and boost inner strength.

 Our emotions affect our physical bodies and our skin. Skin can reflect deep-rooted emotions held within the body. Colors of crystals have the power to enhance our emotional wellbeing that in turn can heal our skin. The 100% plant-based, crystal-infused, color enhanced formulations are created specially kindling the glow within and also helps us to radiate outside. Choosing products in this way that maximizes their synergies can deliver nurturing at a far deeper level than choosing them based on our skincare needs alone.

The practice of making gemstone elixir is known to European medicine from ancient times since greeks placed them in water and drinking the healing liquid. Later Modern professor Masaru Emoto in japan showed water possess the ability to store information, so water can absorb all the vibration of crystals and induced healing harmonizing mind, body, and spirit holistically. Our crystal essences raise the healing properties of each plant and boost the healing ability of your skin. We use color-coded crystals in the hue of each plant to create a vibrational link between mineral & botanical worlds.

 It's thought that this transfer of energy from crystals has an effect on human cells to promote healing, detoxification, and regeneration, including those of your largest organ - your skin. Allowing for maximum performance and benefits.

Each crystal essence is obtained through a different infusion process from a different blend of gems and crystals since each of our product has a unique mineral and energetic properties for a specific purpose in skincare which produces a powerful effect. Designed with the crystalline power of crystals gems, we maximize their synergistic powers to nourish your skin. Discover the luminous radiance of biodynamic plant-based organic beauty results based on skincare solutions.