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Have you ever wanted to change your life? If you do like most of us, Then you may want to have better control at your business, have happy relationships, freedom to do what we always wanted to do or more money to enjoy the fruits of your hard work,  the answer is almost certainly "Yes"

But in reality, we attract in our vortex based on our resonance. So, if you think negative or feel sad or depressed then that's what you are attracting in your life based on your frequency of vibration or resonance. On the other hand, if you tap into happy thoughts then it will match the frequency by attracting more happiness and positivity for you. This is easier said than done as we have a lot of pressure to stack up in our culture and so are wired to think that we are not good enough about ourselves at the core, As we give so much power to negative thoughts which are self-deprecating and the negative ''voice'' tells us we can't do anything right.

The power of positive thinking, We all have heard that phrase but most of us are rooted in self-worth issues and patterns of negativity. There 's old saying water seeps into its own level. When you're thoughts are perpetually negative your life sinks into that level. But think about the opposite effect, the way your life would change if you could train your brain to instinctively think positively! This is where positive affirmations and afformations come into play.

Affirmations :

Positive affirmations are statements that can be used to overcome self-sabotaging behavior and end negative thinking patterns.  They are a great tool when it comes to creating changes by repeating these statements and believing in them, positive changes will manifest in your life,  The objective is to repeat an affirmation continuously until the mind accepts it as truth. When we repeat these statements regularly, we train our brains to become more positive. Our Subconscious mind then begins to create and shape your life based on the new thought that has been planted in our mind.

Now if you're working with affirmations and they work that's great! However, there's a good chance that they're not working. You may not be seeing the results you want, even though you continue to say the affirmations daily. The mind will not accept statements in that it doesn't believe.

Afformations :

Positive afformations, on the other hand, serve the same purpose as affirmations but are based on the principle that the subconscious mind responds more effectively to empowering questions rather than statements. An afformation is simply a question form of a statement, A question that can transform your life.

Even the Bible tells us, "Ask and you shall receive."

Empowering questions cause your mind to focus on the positive. These questions lead to answers that Tell the truth about Who you Really Are!

Why do these lofty questions work?

The human mind operates by asking and answering questions. Therefore when we repeatedly ask a question, Your mind will search for an answer to your question. Asking your brain empowering questions rather than statements subconsciously triggers your brain to search for an answer. Make sure not to ask yourself disempowering questions as this will work against reaching your goal of positive life change. Training your brain to intuitively default to positivity won't happen without consistency and commitment. The power of positive thinking is real and can transform your life.

Ask with this awareness that the universe with its presence and law. I will answer you in a language and in a way that you understand. There will be inner promptings in soul and heart. The inner guidance will always be there for you to direct your ways, behaviors, actions, thoughts, the words you speak and so on. It will always be on the forefront of your awareness with the question:

 This will first shift your vibrations and will lift your vibrations at the frequency level and then it will match up and show up in your life.  When you do follow through it might feel uncomfortable at first because you move outside of your comfort zone, but very soon after you have made a clear decision and acted upon it you will feel a wonderful sense of freedom and empowerment.

You Can Only Have What You are Willing To will draw into yourself all the time literally.

Noah St. John, the author of The Secret Code of Success, has created The Afformations Method. He maintains that the subconscious mind responds to questions instead of conscious statements.

The concept puts a subtle yet powerful spin on the idea of seeing things as if they’ve already happened.  By turning positive statements into “why” questions, the subconscious mind doesn’t have a chance to block the thought.  Instead, it looks for answers to the “why” questions.

After I discovered Afformations, I immediately realized that this new mind technology could be used to help people in any area of life – to improve your finances, your health, your relationships, your business, even your fulfillment and peace of mind.

Asking Empowering questions helps you move forward and upward in life, Few questions to try or make your own based on goals that are worthy of that which is within you and that grow you at the same time. 

  • What do I need to do to increase my income?
  • Why I am surrounded by love?
  • What can I do to enjoy perfect health?
  • What is my gift to share with others?
  • Why am I here on this planet what is my purpose?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • What makes me joyful?

You deserve the very best that life has to offer!

We all do, and by asking the right questions we’re always lead to what we consider to be a fulfilling life.

I’ve been implementing Afformations in my life since reading the book and have noticed more positive reactions from my subconscious and subtly positive changes in my life. Like all lasting changes, the results come with baby steps practiced regularly over time.

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