About Us

Our brand name is originated from Spanish-NUBESS means clouds (which represents our inner consciousness) when you look up in the sky, clouds stand out majestically. Clouds or Ether is omnipresent, it is a part of all elements and is endless and a source of cosmic wisdom. Similarly ether is present in our body and governs our pores, nerves, all channels. As per research anything applied to our skin gets absorbed by the bloodstream, so effectively even harmful chemicals applied on skin enter our bodies and cause disruption in body processes which over a period of time can be one of the causes for onset of dis-eases. We curate natural products for extraordinary results devoid of synthetic toxins.

Nubess is a pioneer which redefines luxury wellness that incorporates principles of ancient healing focused on balancing energy within the mind, body and soul as fundamental to nurturing beauty and well being combined with cutting edge technology of science. Our focus is on elements with consciousness, that uses elevated energy from high vibration crystals gems, vitality from flower essences synergistically with bio-dynamically grown, cold pressed oils, wild crafted herbs and 70- 98% organic rare botanical actives from pristine environment sourced from different parts of the world. Our unique lines keep the micro-nutrients and trace elements intact by not using cosmetic low grade oils or high temp heating. Most of our formulations are processed in small frequent batches to preserve potency and vitality, Each unique holistic blend are infused with frequency and quantum physics, their results provide an unparallel synergy which transforms your skin, hair, body with each use.

Many skin care products use the word natural on their label, but the ingredients that are natural and useful to your skin always appear lower on the ingredient label (there is less of them) than the fillers and inexpensive chemicals and oils that make these products less costly - and less effective. Our goal is to empower you to transform your beauty regime by using unmatched high potency active Skin food right (at your doorstep).

Every Nubess product is eco-ethical, they are vegan, free of cruelty, petroleum, mineral oil, synthetic color, parabens and sulfates. We are proud to offer this labour of pure love to you, and hope you will enjoy our range as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

Allow your inner beauty to shine! Cheers to a radiant new you!

Our Customers Love us for :

We honestly practice full list of ingredient disclosure
Natural products at lower price offering value for money
Believe in offering a seamless experience from order to delivery
All are products are 100% natural and up to 70- 98% Organic
Each line painstakingly is created with highest botanicals for a sensorial superlative performance

Would love to hear your experience with us that helps us to improve, Kindly spare a moment to drop us a line!