At the peak of her two decade long, fast track career in Beauty, Wellness, Health Management and Operations, She left her corporate job, behind to pursue her passion to heal through formulations made with earth’s bounty. Armed with her vast experience of wellness and beauty, she sought out to create nutritionally balanced, integrative beauty rituals. With a quest to create a simple regime with extensive benefits, that addresses multiple concerns with minimum amount of products.

Her wellness journey had started with a post grad in Nutrition, but over the years of working closely with 10,000++ clients had seen a strong connect of negative emotion build-up affecting mind, body and spirit, spiralling to unhealthy eating, lifestyle disorders, skin issues and hair problems. She extensively immersed herself into alternative holistic sciences like Bio salt, naturopathy, flower essences, crystal therapy, reiki, NLP, EFT, sound frequencies to help her clients cope better and recoup them back to perfect health.

With a goal to merge all her ancient healing knowledge with the latest technology, She worked closely with chemist, skin care experts and green manufactures to design the most comprehensive, well rounded products that are created with high conscious bioactives, super charged by crystals, divine flower essences, sound frequencies that efficaciously addresses all skin and hair concerns and only then settled for a GMP certified, ISO 9000:2008 biotechnology lab with stringent R&D protocols and high standards to create small batches of these unique formulations. Nubess Holistic products reinforces the ideology of ancient treasures combined with cutting edge technology to pioneer vibrational beauty products that are timeless, with contemporary edge. An unparalleled natural and organic beauty and wellness company with a big heart.

Do right to Mother earth: On every purchase of a product we are giving away a part of it to help children with special needs and plant a tree to save earth. So join us in our mission to use everything clean as every step can lead to a huge impact on our planet.