Innovations with High Vibrational Ingredients

Our unique innovations is the result of more than 100+ powerful bio actives, minerals, gemstones, biodynamic earth origin complexes, flower essences, bio peptides which are created by bio engineering based on purity and clinical trials.

To nourish our skin, magnify product performance and ensure outstanding results, the ingredients in our products are ‘alive’ our formulations include essences of crystal gems. Crystals are millions of years old and hold the DNA of earth, They hold the energies of Gaia (mother earth) so as a part of the synergistic blends, they act as a conduit for healing by directing energy to specific areas of need amplifying the results of other ingredients in multitude. Their high vibration promotes micro circulation, penetration, cellular activity, repair and performance. They accelerate cell renewal, buff and polish old cells to reveal soft, smooth and youthful skin. Gem's rich mineral content reflects light which aids in skin radiance and imparts a soft luminescence. Every Nubess product is uniquely based on crystals essence, flower extracts that we have personally used which has given 360’ transformation and wish to share with those who seek being beautiful inside out.

Crystals also align our chakras which are our life force energy centers that connects our physical to our etheric. These chakras connect your body and mind to your emotions and spirit. When the chakras are out of balance or in a state of dis-harmony, issues of the body, mind, and spirit may result. Crystals can make them rotate in clockwise direction ensuring re-balance.

Flower essences (Fes)

Our skin is our body's largest organ and it reflects our state of mind and our emotional wellbeing. All negative emotions like anger, self worthlessness, hormonal imbalances, stress that get trapped underneath show up as acne, hair loss, skin pigmentation and more. Flower essences are an energy healing system that stimulates healing on an emotional, mental and spiritual level which allows positive healing energy to flow into the body clearing out negative toxic energies, restoring harmony at the physical level. Each flower has a different healing quality which help us express our emotions, to be moved out of body gently treating skin, hair, body issues holistically in a healthy way. It is not just an exquisite range of unique formulations but an opportunity to explore your own innate beauty and soul reflections.

Disclaimer: Flower Essences are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. With our experience that the essences referred do often appear to have a beneficial effect, the use of these products is not a substitute for proper medical advice and treatment from a qualified and licensed medical practitioner.