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      Four-in-charcoal scrub mask -100gm + Red onion oil -200ml + Vitamin C+ serum -30ml

      Crystal Power Four-in-1 Charcoal Scrub Mask - A hydrating face scrub made with activated charcoal beads in cold-pressed oils of geranium & tea tree with mineral-rich clays that scrubs off the dirt, impurities, and grime off your face for a complete skin detox. This scrub is potent anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial that keeps your skin clear of blackheads, acne, and scars.  A gentle plant-based rich clay mask with saffron oil, aloe vera  & allantoin being high in antioxidant properties for skin lightening, anti-aging, and hydration for perfectly glowing skin.

      Lush Silk Red Onion oil -  Powerhouse of Plant stems cells combined with DHT blockers as a one-stop destination for a complete Hair transformation.  More than 21 organic bio-actives are synergized for a complete hair makeover,  that prevents baldness, stops hair fall, thinning, scalp disorders, and stimulates new hair growth, imparts thickness, restores shine, luster. Your secret to healthy shiny crowning glory.

      Nubess Vitamin C+ Hyaluronic acid - is a powerhouse of antioxidant that defends skin from the aging effects of invisible aggressors like pollution and harmful effects of sun damage that prevents you from achieving ultimate radiance.  AHA promotes skin fairness and is known for its skin lightening benefits and clearing dark spots, acne scars, and restores skin brightness. Hyaluronic acid rebuilds the structure of the skin and smoothens fine lines, wrinkles and makes skin plump and toned.  Green tea, Vit E, Pomegranate, allantoin further revitalizes and nourishes the skin and gives a healthy glowing smooth complexion.  Go Gorgeous Shine on!     

      All products contain crystal and flower essence that are high vibration, to allow deeper absorption and clear underneath emotions that heals scalp to prevent hair loss and renew hair growth.